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Welcome to the Wandering Whistler Music Archives!

This site is all about penny whistles and whistle music. I'm the Wandering Whistler, shown here at the Texas Renaissance Festival playing a Chieftain Low D. I've been playing the penny whistle (also known as the tin whistle, tin flute, fipple flute, among other assorted names) since 1995, and am very much in love with it.

On this site, you'll find sheet music and midi to many irish and scottish folk tunes, as well as tunes that just sound good on the whistle. You'll find children's songs, Christmas carols, Irish Airs, reels, jigs, or pretty much anything (hopefully) to whet your whistle music craving.

About Copyrights

Please note that many of the songs in this archive have come from my own collection of songbooks. To the best of my knowlege these songs are TRADITIONAL music, and the music itself is not copyrighted. If you look on the copyright page in many songbooks dealing with folk songs or traditional music (which are too old for copyrights, or which have been placed into the public domain), publishers usually can only copyright the layout work. I have personally layed out each song in this archive with commercial notation software, so each .gif file of sheet music is copyrighted by me (Copyright (C) 1997-2006, Gregory Mahan). However, in the interest of free music, I hereby license these works to the public under the Creative Commons license. In a nutshell, you can use these images in whatever manner you wish, so long as you do not attempt to sell or otherwise make monetary profit from them, and proper credit is given to the author (me) and my site ( All recordings of music on the tinwhistle are performed by me, and likewise copyrighted as well (Copyright (C) 1997-2006, Gregory Mahan), and carry the same license and restriction. You do not have to contact me first, though it would certainly be the polite thing to do, and would make notifying you about site changes easier.

A few tunes on the site (such as the Willow and Planxty Dale Wisely) are copyrighted works by someone other than myself, are clearly noted on the sheet music page for the work in question, and are not licensed under the Creative Commons license. If you wish to use these works, do the same thing I did, and please contact the original artist/composer to get permission to do anything with them!

The reviews of whistles on my site are not licensed under the Creative Commons license. I can't really think of a reason why anyone would need to copy and distribute these on their websites. Therefore, all pictures, text, and sound files in the reviews section are not licensed for distribution, and I assert all rights granted to me under Copyright for those works.

Note: If you are the copyright holder to music in this archive or feel that a song is in violation of copyrights, please let me know. It is not my intention to infringe on anyone's rights with my archive.